All grapes that make Eradus Wines are grown in the Awatere Valley, a sub region of Marlborough with its own unique microclimate. The Awatere Valley is windier, dryer, stonier, cooler and on the whole more extreme than Marlborough’s other regions. These conditions create wines with a distinct mineral backbone and crisp, clean acidity.

Marlborough wines are famous for their fruit driven character and Awatere Valley wines are definitely true to this but with the minerality and crisp clean acidity from the Awatere Valley they offer something extra.

Simply put, Awatere Valley wines represent “new world” fruit combined with “old world” minerality and acidity.

In turn our wines are elegant in style and sophisticated in nature.

Our status as a boutique producer allows us to carefully monitor the quality of our wines and we pride ourselves on continuously producing great wine.

Most recently our Pinot Gris won the trophy at the Air New Zealand wine awards for best Pinot Gris, Oz Clarke voted our Pinot Noir in the top eight best red wines in the world and our Sauvignon Blanc 2012 has picked up two gold medals this year.

The new vintage is looking great and we are extremely excited for the year ahead and sharing our 2013 range with you soon.